Wood is Green

"Wood is Green".  What a simple statement, but something that many folks would find contradictory to popular thought.  Kids today who grew-up on a regular dose of "Captain Planet" know instinctively that trees are only cut down by evil capitalists who are bent on world domination or better yet, contamination.   So sad. 

When you consider the alternatives to wood for construction, what are we left with?  Concrete?  Metal?  Brick?  None of these are renewable resources.  Doubt this?   OK, plant a brick and see what it get's ya.  And think about all the energy that goes into making a piece of steel.  The mining, shipping and the processing of metal has a much greater impact on our environment and our resources than responsible timber management.

Yes my friends, Wood is Green, and to help drive that point home, some great folks from the woodworking industry have started a movement to get the word out.  

They point out that wood is:
  • natural
  • renewable
  • sustainable
  • carbon-retaining
  • and an excellent choice for architectural building material
Visit www.woodisgreen.com for lots of interesting information.