Non-Shopsmith Combination Woodworking tools (Shopsmith Clones and Unique Multipurpose tools)

Though the patent for the Shopsmith Mark V expired in th 1970's it wasn't until the 1980's that we started seeing the flood of clones coming from Taiwan.  Some of the brands included Total Shop, FUSSO, Master Woodcraft, and others.  In addition to the knock-offs there have been some genuinely original combination woodworking tools sold.  No doubt some were inspired by the lathe-based Shopsmith design, but these tools brought some new ideas to the table.  One prominent example is the Fox Super Shop, which is now produced in China and sold under the name Smithy Super Shop and the Harbor Freight Central Machinery 10-in-1 Woodworking Machine (below).   Visit the posts attached below for more details.

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