1983 Master Woodcraft Shopsmith Clone Popular Mechanics June 1983 Article

Master Woodcraft was yet another Taiwanese knock-off of the Shopsmith Mark V Model 500 and accessories, but in a unique approach they were shipped disassembled and then assembled in California. This gave the owners a little bit of wiggle room in that they implied that they were "American Made". I remember reading this article and just about exploding when I read the conclusion:

"In an age when American technology and production methods are routinely disparaged, it was, indeed, a happy surprise to come across a tool that was both well engineered and a real pleasure to use."  

Ugh!  Of course it was well engineered! It was a blatant copy of the Shopsmith Mark V AND it wasn't even made in the USA!  This was one of the reasons that Shopsmith Inc. sought and later gained protection from these types of deceptive practices.  

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This image was shared on the Shospmith Forum by someone who was confused because their machine has a genuine Shopsmith speed control dial installed on it: http://shopsmith.com/ss_forum/maintenance-and-repair-f10/what-year-is-this-shopsmith-t15913.html