Hey, it's me and my Shopsmith Mark V!

This photo is of my in the Academy of the Shopsmith "Boston" store, in Chelmsford MA in 1987.  Notice the mirror over my head which we used for our seminars. I was in the middle of building two torche lamps from A Wood Magazine plan.  Something about the plan looked odd to me, but I didn't know about wood movement like I do today, so I pressed-on.  These lamps lasted about 4 years before they fell apart!  Wood movement is a powerful force!   

Here I am on the site of the Dayton-based "House On North Main Street" TV show.  It was a one-season This Old House sort of show.  I was in the middle of building two fireplace mantels like the on on the right side of the photo.

This was an eye opening experience in TV production.  I learned that what the homeowner wants is secondary to what the advertisers want. 

Maybe I'll share more latter.

This is me and Terry and a class in the Dayton Ohio Academy around 1993.  Terry was the first of the "Shopsmith Master Woodworkers" to come out of the Dayton Academy.

This is a class in a temporary Academy in Dayton around 1996.

This is a shot of my Mark V at work building the displays in the prototype of a Shopsmith franchise concept in Columbus, Ohio called Edgewood Hands-On! Woodshop.  This was taken in 1998.

Like my workbench?

This is my boy, who I call "Boy".   Seth is 24 now and is a seminarian at Liberty University.  Here he was in 1998 turning a project for his Industrial Arts class on our Mark V.  Actually, the tool in his hand was the project he made.  He produced a folding, double-ended lathe tool with a skew on one end and a gouge on the other!  A very clever design that would have been ideal for the traveling turner.   

Here's a shot of the grand-opening day at the Edgewood store in 1998.  That's me in the center looking like I'm performing some sort of ballet move. 

More to come.  Scott