1975 Shopsmith Article "How your Shopsmith can power other tools"

Here's a simple idea for powering tools with your Shopsmith Mark V.  There is less need for this today than when this article was written, because I don't even know of a single company today (except Shopsmith) that sells power tools without a motor.  Back in the day this was common; you'd buy the tool and if you didn;t have the money or want to spend it you'd simoly make your own stand and scavange the shed for that old washing machine motor that you removed from that washer that your neighbor was going to take to the dump.  Yep, those were the good old days.  Anyway, maybe you can use this idea for powering a home-made tool, like a thickness sander or perhaps a nifty Shopsmith-powered food precessor.  That's right, it sands, it saws it drills and can make mounds and mounds of coleslaw!