1953 Delta/Rockwell Responds to the Threat of Shopsmith DeltaShop Ad

In 1953 Rockwell introduced their response to the Shopsmith tools: the Delta-Shop. Rather than a true multi-purpose tool this was actually 3 tools mounted on a single stand. It was a Table Saw, Jointer, Disc Sander and a Drill Press. While the saw and the jointer were mounted in the conventional side-by-side configuration on a common base, was Drill Press is hinged on the right end of the saw table, and when needed it is lifted up and the belt is fished-down through the saw insert and around a pulley which takes the place of the saw blade.

Many of these tools survive, though many if not most of the disc sander and drill presses have been removed to be mounted on a work bench. There was really no comparison to the Shopsmith, but Magna felt the need to reply to this threat with an ad of their own. See this post for that response, and if Delta Tools are of interest to you, visit our Delta/Rockwell-Tool-Hunter section