Shopsmith Air Compressor Information, History & Review

There have been two Shopsmith Air Compressors. The first one was sold in the 1950's (and perhaps the 1960's) and was a simple diaphragm compressor and is shown at right, called the DM-8 Magna Sprayer. This tool pre-dated the standardization of tubing and fittings as we know today, and Harbor Freight wasn't yet a gleam in a Chinaman's eye, so this tool simply used a garden hose! (See revision below) And why not? Be aware that the diaphragm may be dry rotted on these units, but I understand that this isn't a tough repair. (Click on article at right to Biggie-Size it)

In the 1990's Shopsmith Inc. had a neat little compressor made for them by Campbell Hausfeld called the Shopsmith Air System. (Bottom photo) This tool utilized a piston and could move much more air than the original compressor. The down side was that this compressor couldn't keep up with the demands of a sander or sprayer, and because it didn't have a cut-off switch it just ran and ran and ran. It was also loud. Still, I regret selling mine a few years ago and I'm looking for one myself now that SS has retired it.

I just received the following emai from a reader in Wellfleet, MA:
I own and use a Magna Compressor on my 1960 Mark V "goldie" and wanted to alert you to a misunderstanding in your description of of it. The fittings on both the compressor and the air hose terminal ends are normal 1/4" threaded fittings - what makes the hose unique is that the center of the hose length is equipped with a  common male and female garden hose fitting so that if one wanted to work a great distance from the compressor a section of garden hose can be added to the middle of the air hose. I can't vouch for its effectiveness as I've never added a garden hose to the air hose, but the compressor works well (and is LOUD!!!).

I just repaired the diaphragm in mine - it finally gave up the ghost. I used 3/32" fabric reinforced neoprene available in 12" x 12" sheets from Mcmaster Carr for under 7 dollars. As you stated, it is a simple repair.

I hope you will take this communication in the spirit it was intended - one Shopsmith fan to another! Thanks again for your web blog and God's blessings to you and your family for 2010.

Thanks for the correction Alac!  Scott

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