Shopsmith Power Station & Crafters Station Information, History & Review

Don't get so excited with eBay prices that you pay more than the price of a new tool! The current MSRP of the Shopsmith Powerstation is $639.28

FYI, There have been two tools built on this design, the Shopsmith Power Station (Photo 1 at right), which is still produced, and the now-defunct Crafters Station (# 2 at right). The Power Station was Shopsmith's attempt to take their SPT's like the bandsaw, scroll saw, etc. into the non-Shopsmith-loving world of woodworkers. It turned out that this target audience still wasn't interested in swapping-out one tool for another, and this was also about the time when the Taiwanese started flooding the USA with cheap stand-alone tools. The unexpected market that opened-up for this tool was the folks who already owned a Mark V and appreciated it's flexibility with its variable speed, but who wanted to free their Mark V for turning or other specific tasks.

The Crafter's Station was Shopsmith's 1998 failed attempt to go after non-woodworkers who were thinking about getting into the craft, but who didn't have an allegiance to a tool brand yet. SS mounted a simple carriage on the base of the Power Station that held the main table from the Mark V Model 510, and they added a reversing switch to the motor. This allowed the new tool to power the SPT's and to also function as a small and underpowered table saw. The other catch is that the SS jointer was designed to be driven on the lower high-speed shaft on the Mark V, but the P.S. and C.S. didn't approach the proper speed, so the jointer wasn't ideal on either version of this tool. If you already own a Mark V and have a couple SPT's clogging your Mark V, either of these tools could be your salvation but leave your jointer on your Mark V!

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