Irwin Marathon Thin Kerf Saw Blade

I've been using Irwin Marathon thin kerf saw blades for over 15 years, and I couldn't give a stronger recommendation.  As a Shopsmith Mark V owner one of the issues that we have to deal with is it can be a little weak at sawing speed.  In fact, there are times that I've slowed the Mark V down to speed-up the blade, as it has more torque at lower speeds.  Over 20 years ago I fell in love with the Forrest Woodwork II thin kerf blade.  It's thinner than the average blade, so it makes your saw feel like it's got a larger motor; and it actually reduces the amount of dust that's created when you saw.  (Cue the sad music)  One weekend I chipped a tooth on my FWWII, and it you know anything about carbide blades that means it can't be used until it gets fixed.  I knew I had to buy a replacement ASAP but my budget just couldn't justify another Forrest. I found out that the Irwin Marathon was a fraction of the FWWII and though I had low expectations of it I figured it would get me through until I got the FWWII fixed.  What I found was that the Marathon cut just as fast as the Forrest, and my Mark V had all the power I had come to expect from a thin kerf blade.  Best of all the Marathon cut almost as smoothly as the Forrest.  I just noticed that Rockler has a deal going on a pair of Marathon blades, so if you are in the market for a new blade it's a great deal on a great set.  Here's more info and a link to the deal on their site:   Irwin® Marathon® 10'' x 80T Blade
get a FREE 24T thin-kerf rip blade — a $79.98 value for less than $50! This set will take care of everything from ripping rough lumber to the finest finish work. --- This blades features micro-grain C3 tungsten carbide tips for long life, and #400 grit diamond-ground teeth for fast, clean cuts. The thin kerfs mean less waste and less work for your saw, and fully hardened plates keep the blades running truer, longer. Features specially engineered heat vents to reduce heat and resin buildup. Precision tensioned and balanced for optimum accuracy. Unique reinforced shoulders adds stability and durability. Irwin® Marathon® 10'' x 24T Framing/Ripping Blade features 24 rugged teeth that will tear through Maple like it was Pine. --- The Irwin® Marathon® 10'' x 80T Trim/Finish Blade is perfect for mitering and other detail work. 5/8" arbor on both blades. Irwin® Marathon® 10